Commercial Development Projects

The Roxbury Group

Parker Durand in West Village

Construction is underway on a mixed use, mixed income development project at the corners of Kercheval and Van Dyke. At approximately 92,000 sq ft and 4 stories, this $22 million investment will include ground floor retail and commercial space including a restaurant, plus 92 mixed income, family rental units. The new building will reinvigorate a mostly vacant city block in a Detroit while complementing a thriving independent food scene.

This project exemplifies Industrial Services Inc.’s comprehensive building envelope services – we installed below grade waterproofing at elevator pits, 5,000+ sq ft of fluid applied air barrier, fire resistant joint systems in the stairwells, firestopping at 500+ pipe penetrations between retail and residential floors, and misc. joint sealants.

Originally announced in 2018, funding and financing delays pushed the project into 2019. The Covid-19 crisis and Detroit’s stay at home orders further delayed construction. However, with diverse funding streams secured prior to the outbreak, this project continues through economic uncertainty and approaches completion in the summer of 2021.

Partners: The Roxbury Group, O’Neal Construction Inc., Hamilton Anderson & Associates, Invest Detroit, Capital Impact Partners, Michigan Economic Development Corp. (MEDC), and the City of Detroit’s Strategic Neighborhood Fund (SNF).