Industrial Services utilizes our team of highly trained professionals and quality products to provide environmentally responsible goods and services.

Brownfield Revitalization

Repurpose. Renew.

A former commercial or industrial property where the land has become contaminated is commonly referred to as a Brownfield [site]. Brownfield Redevelopment is typically complicated by the task of removing or managing the hazardous materials left in the ground and ground water. Clean up, however, protects the environment while reducing blight. It also gives opportunities to create much needed green space and often turns these properties back into working lands. True to our Vision- we are responsible for installing the initial systems that protect while creating safe, comfortable and responsible environments.

Scope of work includes:

Vapor Intrusion Barrier installation
Vapor Collection System
Vapor Intrusion and Waterproofing Barriers
Vapor Intrusion Coatings
Dewatering and Ground Water Filtration

Vapor Barrier/Mitigation

Sealed. Protected.

Vapor Intrusion occurs when vapors migrate into a building from contaminated soils. These contaminates may be naturally occurring or may have been generated from activities that took place in or around said structure. Our successful vapor intrusion prevention is the result of precisely installed barriers and liners. Our experienced, cross-trained teams have successfully applied millions of square feet of air, moisture, vapor and chemical resistant membranes.

Scope of work includes:

On Grade- Vapor and Chemical Resistant Barrier Installation
Vapor Collection and Venting System Installation
Below Grade- Vapor and Chemical Resistant Waterproofing Membrane Installation
Dewatering and Ground Water Filtration Systems
Cetco Coreflex /Hydroshield Approved Applicator
Geo-Seal Certified Installer

Pumping and Treatment

Fluid Results.

Most construction, industrial and Brownfield sites have a need for dewatering. Some cities and municipalities not only require discharge permits, but a specific plan to keep silt, debris and or site contaminates from entering the storm water or sanitary sewage system. Our filtration vessels can be configured with transfer pumps, high capacity settling and frac tanks and accessories to help to meet municipality discharge requirements. Vac trucks, submersible pumps, high pressure and high flow pumps make quick work of virtually any pumping project.

Scope of work includes:

Groundwater Filtration
Decontamination Projects
Waste Treatment
Vacuum Truck Service

Secondary Containment

Restore. Protect.

Secondary containment is often required where large stationary tanks or containers reside, chemicals are stored or where waste is stored. Often constructed of concrete, these structures are not only subject to the corrosive chemicals they house, they are also exposed to weather, man and machine. Sound secondary containment is a must when protecting people and the environment.

Scope of work includes:

Concrete Restoration
Joint Sealant Removal and Replacement.
Linings and Coatings
Vacuum Truck Services