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Environmental Services

Brownfield Redevelopment Vapor Barrier/Mitigation Restoration/Renovation Secondary Containment

At Industrial Services Inc, we provide solutions for protecting people and restoring land, resulting in safe and renewed opportunities for our communities. By working hand in hand with regulators, engineers, builders, developers, and owners, we install the right solution for the specific conditions given all the constraints.

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    Brownfield RevitalizationVapor Barrier/MitigationPumping/TreatmentSecondary Containment


    Brownfield Redevelopment

    Repurpose. Renew.

    Trained personnel, equipment, and materials needed for implementation of risk management solutions that reduce blight, revitalize land & infrastructure, creates jobs, and increases tax bases, resulting in safe and renewed properties ready for the next opportunity.

    Scope of work includes:

    Vapor Intrusion Barrier installation
    Vapor Collection System
    Vapor Intrusion and Waterproofing Barriers
    Vapor Intrusion Coatings
    Dewatering and Ground Water Filtration

    Vapor Barrier/Mitigation

    Sealed. Protected.

    Installation of barriers and systems to reduce and redirect vapor intrusion and mitigate risk, before, during, and after the building process. Whether there are known, suspected, or surprise containments, we offer cost effective and timely systems to keep projects moving forward.

    Scope of work includes:

    On Grade- Vapor and Chemical Resistant Barrier Installation
    Vapor Collection and Venting System Installation
    Below Grade- Vapor and Chemical Resistant Waterproofing Membrane Installation
    Dewatering and Ground Water Filtration Systems
    Cetco Coreflex /Hydroshield Approved Applicator
    Geo-Seal Certified Installer


    RESTORE. Results.

    Restoration of masonry facades includes tuckpointing, removal and replacement of damaged block, cleaning, and water repellant coatings. Combine this with new building envelop technologies, and renovations of interior spaces, and we deliver buildings that look old but act new (historical charm without the drafts and leaks) and are ready for decades of whatever comes next.  

    Scope of work includes:

    Damaged Block Replacement
    Repellant Coatings

    Secondary Containment

    CLEAN. Protect.

    Sound, maintained, and sealed secondary containment systems are necessary today to prevent costly cleanup efforts tomorrow. Our suite of services- cleaning, high performance coatings, caulking- insure new and existing containments systems continue to contain. 

    Scope of work includes:

    Concrete Restoration
    Joint Sealant Removal and Replacement.
    Linings and Coatings
    Vacuum Truck Services

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