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Filtration Services / Clear Solutions

Industrial Services Inc. offers turn key project filtration services with our experienced industrial project leaders & skilled tradesmen.  ISI also has the full support of Rosedale Products, an Ann Arbor filter manufacturer that has set the industry standard in design, versatility, and reliability for over 25 years.  Our close proximity to their Ann Arbor manufacturing facility & our relationship with Rosedale’s filtration engineers & fabricators ensures our customers receive the highest quality customer and technical support.

We warehouse a complete line of Rosedale rental filtration systems & accessories that can help to provide solutions to any critical, supplemental, or project related filtration need.  ISI is also a distributor of the full line of Rosedale filtration media.  Media & elements are available in natural or synthetic fiber, or in stainless steel-cartridge or bag configuration.  Bulk carbon, sand, clay & organic absorbing specialty medias are also available.  low flow, high flow-flow rates to 4 million gallons per day  No problem.

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Let's get this clear.

We offer different levels of filtration media designed to meet different needs, such as low-cost, standard efficiency bags, up to high-efficiency, high capacity elements, membranes, bulk medias, activated carbons, clays & sands.  The specification of a filter media is as unique as the project itself.  Rely on our experts to engineer a media solution that meets project & regulatory requirements without exceeding your budget.


It's in the bag.

Our standard capacity elements usually have about 4.4 square feet of surface area, holding approximately a pound of contaminant, perfect for many applications.  The bags we offer for this level of filtration include our standard bag, the Beta Bag, and our new Lock top plastic top, self-sealing bag.  These bags fit our standard side inlet housing, which, coupled with bag technology, offers ease of use, storage, and change out.

  • Surface plus Filter Bags
  • All-Polypropylene Bags
  • Platinum 700 Series
  • Hi-E Series High Efficiency Bags
  • Stainless Steel Filter Elements
  • Platinum 900 Series
  • Bag-Sized Pleated Cartridges
  • Giardia Removal Bag
  • Activated Carbon
  • Beta Bags
  • Emerald Series
  • Clays & Sands
  • Standard Bags
  • Membrane Filter Cartridges
  • Graded Density Bags
  • Platinum 500 Series